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Vacation & Cruise Specialist

Ryan was amazing!!! The best part of my trip was [booking with] her and her help with everything! Used so many other sites over the years and now will only use Escapes and hopefully her. Great job you guys with your service and staff. - Reena

Ryan is our go-to agent for practically anything and everything that is travel related. With 10 years of industry experience, she's incredibly well versed in all-inclusive resorts, cruises, hotels, and everything else in between! Aside from her knowledge in the travel industry, Ryan is diligent and organized (we mean... spreadsheets, tabs, timeline sort of organized). If you're thinking of traveling with a group or have questions about travel payments and arrangements, Ryan will keep you on top of EVERYTHING. Ahhh, what would we do without her!

My areas of expertise:

Disneyland (California)
Family Travel
Mexico Specialist

Where I've Been

  • Europe: Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Stirling, Isle of Sky, Isle of Lewis/Harris)
  • North America: Mexico (Cancun, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya),
    United States (Anaheim, Los Angeles, Seattle, Kona, Hawaii)

In a Nutshell

  • My top 3 favourite resort destinations: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Anaheim
  • My favourite resort: Best Western on Sunset Blvd
  • Why is it my favourite: Beautiful rooms, Nice pool, Good food (free breakfast), Fantastic location, Easy to get around
  • Travel Advice I can give to anyone: Go where it will make you the happiest! If clients call in and ask for suggestions... I also advise them to double check the hotels we have talked about online to ensure that it will be a location they will enjoy and be happy in. Just because myself or any of us in the office have been there and liked the property, does not mean it will be a fit for everyone. Always make sure that where you are going you know you are going to be ok there, and don't just book because it is the cheapest option that you can find... that is not always going to cut it. Oh, and when you find something you like and you are happy with the pricing, book the vacation before that price disappears!
  • Where I'm planning to go next: Back to Los Angeles and Anaheim for Halloween 
  • People in the office know me to be very: Loaded question... I am hoping they see me as helpful.